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Internet of Things (IOT), Cost-to-Serve, Segmentation and Supply Chain CoEs are unable to deliver promised business value without Prescriptive Analytics

Posted on November 08, 2016 by Leave a reply

business-idea-831053_1280Gartner’s Hype Cycle for CSCOs is a valuable read for current and potential Supply Chain leaders. It brings together a long list of trends, enabling technologies, business frameworks and competencies that should be in your consideration set. The big theme of course, is the digitization of the supply chain and the implications it will have on business performance. What seems very clear is that if you’re not planning to jump aboard this train very quickly, you’re going to have what will appear to be a stone-age supply chain within 5-10 years.

As a Gartner recognized Prescriptive Analytics software company, we’re most interested in all things digital that have analytical flavor by nature. We see our clients deliver strong value from digital innovation, but only when organizations have the knowledge and technology to do things differently. This requires Prescriptive Analytics, a type of advanced analytics that results in a recommended ACTION.

In other words, for digital transformation to succeed, organizations need to be able to “take action” based on their data. Let’s take a look at some of the competencies mentioned in Gartner’s report so I can provide evidence to back up this outrageous statement.

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Is Prescriptive Analytics really going to disrupt how Supply Chains evolve?

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Leave a reply

door-673000_1280In a time when the term ‘disruptive’ is being over-used I find myself increasingly using the term when describing the impact of our product to clients and prospects.

It’s uncomfortable because prior to starting with AIMMS two years ago, I spent 20 years in consulting and IT services and experienced many terms being over-used (such as ‘optimized’ or ‘disruptive’). I promised myself that I’d endeavor to never use a meaningful term in a superficial way.

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A Practical Guide to Setting Up a Supply Chain Analytics Center of Excellence

Posted on May 04, 2016 by Leave a reply

It comes as no surprise that business and supply chain leaders are seeking new approaches to get ahead in the analytics age. Implementing an analytics strategy, and in particular implementing prescriptive analytics, can significantly improve revenues and drive down costs. How can you ensure that your team is prepared to embrace these new technologies and approaches? Experience shows us that technology is the easy part. Getting buy-in agreement and changing your company culture to embrace analytics is often more difficult. A Center of Excellence (COE) can help you start off with the right team structure, engage the right stakeholders and put you on the right path to implementation.

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Supply Chain Executives can’t have it all, here are 4 things they can aim for

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Leave a reply

metrics-coffee‘‘I want highly automated systems, a value chain network that optimizes my service and costs, the best talent available and the necessary predictability so that I can smartly invest in physical infrastructure.’’

It’s becoming clear that supply chain executives aren’t going to get all that they want. Traditionally it takes at the very least 2 years to realize investments in technology and physical infrastructure. Consider that 2 years ago oil was trading at more than twice the current rate, China wage rates were 20% less than today and 40% of supply chain talent with deep analytical expertise was paid by a different employer.

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Highlights from Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference 2015

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Leave a reply

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 10.17.17 AMThis month, I had the pleasure of attending Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix. The theme of the event was “The Art of Supply Chain: Creative Solutions for the Next Generation.” Its agenda included over 60 sessions covering the full spectrum of supply chain—from strategy and planning to distribution and logistics. In almost every way this is a large and very professionally run conference with over 1500 attendees, everything you would expect from a Gartner event. In this post, I will summarize some of my favorite takeaways from the conference.

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Is there a compelling reason to implement analytics & optimization? STEP 1 – Prove the bridge is on fire

Posted on February 02, 2015 by Leave a reply
Cambie Bridge, foggy by  colink. on Flickr:

Cambie Bridge, foggy by colink. on Flickr:

A European department store, very well-known and led by one of the most iconic figures in the retail industry was undergoing a major shift. The business had recently pivoted towards a younger, more frequent buyer with the emphasis on dynamic, on-trend fashion.

Retail analytics are typically fruitful due to the availability of granular EPOS sales data and the ability to predict how products will move through their lifecycle due to the differing levels of fashion maturity in each geography. There was serious talent on the team with one guy in particular, Stefan, able to analyze data in ways that consistently blew people away.

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Santa considering the use of AIMMS to fend off slipping standards

Posted on December 04, 2014 by Leave a reply

There have been one or two tell-tale signs that Santa and his expansive operation of Elves and Reindeer have been struggling to cope with their commitments in recent years.

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Welcome back to a world of innovation

Posted on November 03, 2014 by Leave a reply

My Twenty years of Supply Chain Operations, Consulting and Business Management drew to a close in the Spring of 2014 as I elected to take a break from my career and invest 100% of my time into family. It’s been a fairly wild journey which consisted of operational roles in warehousing and logistics across Europe followed by a consulting and business management career that had me employed by companies headquartered in London, Paris, Virginia and Bangalore.

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