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Catch up on Supply Chain Analytics news with our Summer Reading List

aimms-summerThe first half of this year has flown by and for many of us, it’s time for a much needed vacation. We’ve put together a new reading (and watch) list for this summer to help you gather some refreshing ideas as you gear up to plan for 2018. The list includes the best of our blog and news items, our latest webinars and most recent case studies. It’s the perfect companion for an inspiring holiday break! 

Best of our Blog:

  1. 3 compelling reasons to start using Prescriptive Analytics: AIMMS’ SVP, Gertjan de Lange, discusses 3 major reasons businesses are feeling more compelled to adopt Prescriptive Analytics, a form of advanced analytics that uses techniques like machine learning and mathematical modeling to help you improve decision making.
  2. AIMMS featured in IT Subway Map of European Supply Chain Software Providers: We’re proud to report that we’ve been featured in 5 different subway lines, or software categories, in this year’s IT Subway Map of European SC Software Providers. Looking for a software provider for Business Analytics, S&OP, Inventory Optimization, Production Planning & Scheduling or SC Network Design? Browse the map and you’ll find yourself in our stop!
  3. Supply Chain Network Optimization Technology is ripe for disruption: Network optimization software has become a big business that’s experienced exponential growth. There has been strong adoption of boxed solutions that are feature rich with many bells and whistles. Why hasn’t it become cheaper or easier to have an optimized network? Chris Gordon, AIMMS VP North America, discusses this on our blog.
  4. Why you don’t need perfect data to start implementing S&OP: To truly leverage S&OP to improve business performance and predictability, you need to embark on a change management process and you need the right technology to self-enable your team. Often, teams think they also need plenty of clean and accurate data to do it right. But starting small can pay off, as Boon Edam’s Aron Waas (Global SC Director) explains in our recent blog post.
  5. Companies in Asia Pacific eager to innovate with Supply Chain Optimization:  The adoption of advanced analytics has moved at a much slower pace in Asia Pacific compared to Europe or North America. But the tide is turning, as Lei Wang, AIMMS VP Asia Pacific, explains in this blog post.


  1. Introducing The AIMMS Cloud Platform: A Fast and Secure Way to Distribute Prescriptive Analytics Apps to Users: We launched The AIMMS Cloud Platform in March. With the AIMMS Cloud, companies will be able to deploy AIMMS Apps in a secure, fast and fully managed hosting environment.
  2. AIMMS Gains Momentum in the Supply Chain Analytics Market as a multi-purpose platform across many supply chain disciplines: We made our debut as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for S&OP Systems of Differentiation, 2017 and appeared in over 10 Gartner reports across categories.


  1. Creating a next generation supply chain: enabling your team with Supply Chain Analytics: Watch this insightful webinar presented by Supply Chain Shaman Lora Cecere to hear about the impact of deploying powerful SC Analytics in your business today. The webinar also features our customer Christian Olsen from Höegh Autoliners, a leading global provider of vehicle shipping services.
  2. Creating an Effective S&OP Support System without worrying about cleaning your data: Find out how Liberty Global, the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, achieved a 70% increase in planning accuracy with an AIMMS-based S&OP tool.

Case Studies:

  1. Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company plans new product introductions with AIMMS: Find out how an industry leader performs long-range capacity planning to produce a viable launch plan for new products.
  2. Boon Edam takes MVP approach to kickstart its S&OP process: Read this inspiring case study to hear more about Boon Edam’s journey towards manufacturing efficiency.

Looking for additional reading on supply chain, analytics and optimization? Browse our library and visit for more information about our technology.

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